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Warrel Dane, noted as lead singer of Washington's lauded Heavy Metal acts SANCTUARY and NEVERMORE, embarked on the solo trail in 2008 with the album 'Praises To The War Machine'. Released in May through Century Media, the album was produced by former SOILWORK guitarist Peter Wichers, who also put down six-string duties too. Supplying additional guitar and bass would be Matt Wicklund, of HIMSA and SOL NEGRO, whilst Dirk Verbeuren, of EOSTENEM, SYBREED, SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, MORTUARY, YYRKOON, 7TH CIRCLE, HEADLINE, PHAZM, SOILWORK, ABORTED, LYZANXIA and SCARVE, took on drum duties.

Included would be cover versions of THE SISTERS OF MERCY's 'Lucrecia My Reflection' and PAUL SIMON's 'Patterns'. 'Messenger' saw the inclusion of NEVERMORE colleague Jeff Loomis on guitar whilst 'Let You Down' spotlighted NEVERMORE, JAG PANZER and MEGADETH guitarist Chris Broderick. The track 'The Day The Rats Went To War' hosted a guest guitar solo from JAMES MURPHY, of DEATH, TESTAMENT and CANCER repute. Limited editions added the extra track 'Everything Is Fading'.

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