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Although their true identities remained for many years a closely guarded secret, no small thanks in part to the black hoods the trio has always worn, the outrageous, politically uncorrect scumbag Metal band the MENTORS were originally formed in Seattle during 1977, before the group relocated to Los Angeles during 1979 / 1980. But 'success' eluded the trio, leaving bassist Dr. Heathen Scum to opt out in order to attend University to major in Engineering.

Guitarist Sickie Wifebeater and bandleader vocalist / drummer El Duce (a.k.a. Eldon Hoke) continued the group with numerous other bassists, all going under the name Dr. Heathen Scum it would seem, although originally Steve Broy occupied this role.

The band's debut release, the 'Trash Bag' EP was unveiled by Mystic Records in 1983, with the live album 'Live At The Whiskey / Cathay De Grande' (so titled due to having separate live shows on either side) following soon after. In 1985 the original Dr. Heathen Scum, having graduated with honours, rejoined the group in time for their first studio album, the infamous 'You Asked For It', released by the Metal Blade offshoot Death label. This outing quickly became notorious, hosting as it did the MENTORS most famously offensive tune 'Four F Club' ("Find Her, Feel Her, Fuck Her, Forget Her"). Metal Blade's Brian Slagel signed the band upon the recommendation of MALICE guitarist Jay Reynolds and the band swiftly engaged themselves in a lawsuit with Mystic Records over alleged unpaid royalties.

Signing to the Death label increased the the MENTORS notoriety to the extreme and their gigs became even greater targets for feminist groups to picket, in some instances the band had the plug pulled on their shows in protest by activists appalled at the extremely sexist lyrical content of the MENTORS material. The 1990 the MENTORS album, 'Rock Bible', found Insect On Acid (a.k.a. Rick Lomas) supplying drums. For live work the band employed Moosedick (Clark Savage). 1991's 'To The Max' would prove to be the final official release.

The MENTORS guitarist Sickie Wifebeater (a.k.a. Eric Carlson) also pursued an Alternative Rock side project act JESTERS OF DESTINY.

Following the break up of the band El Duce released a solo album through Metal Blade in 1993, although the subject matter differred little from the material offered by the MENTORS for the previous ten years!

Both 'You Axed For It' and 'Up The Dose' were re-issued by German label High Vaultage during 1997. On 19th April the following year El Duce was killed in suspicious circumstances, being apparently hit by a train in a state of intoxication. In a quite bizarre turn of events, El Duce's death came just days after he had been interviewed in connection with an allegation he had been hired by COURTNEY LOVE to kill NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain.

Subsequently, Dr. Heathen Scum founded new projects POPE HEATHEN SCUM and CHURCH OF EL DUCE, working with Matt McCourt of WILD DOGS. The MENTORS regrouped in the new millennium. Joining Sickie Wifebeater would be Dr. Heathen Scum on bass of Californian act KILL ALLEN WRENCH, vocalist El Rapo, rhythm guitarist Sickie J and drummer Moosedick. Both Sickie J and El Rapo had previously been involved with a Seattle The MENTORS tribute act the NORTHWEST BREEDERS between 1998 and 1999, joining the re-constituted MENTORS in 2001. New album recordings were commenced in Seattle during early 2004 but after just three days the studio ejected the band. Relocating to California the group resumed work with former producer Bill Metoyer.

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