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The Rochester, New York based Crossover act UNCLE SAM enjoyed the majority of their fame thanks to the release of their debut album 'Heaven Or Hollywood' in 1988. Actually, if truth be told, it wasn't so much the record but the album cover that attracted attention to the group formed by guitar playing milkman Larry Miller. The cover depicted a razor handed, naked unidentified female seemingly about to transform a certain part of her anatomy into what's known in the trade as a shaven haven.

The band had formed earlier as Garage Rock act THE ATTICS. When original drummer Tom Shippers left the fold to join IMMACULATE MARY the band pulled in drummer Glenn 'G. Avery' Brisk and switched titles to UNCLE SAM. The line-up of the group that recorded the first album was completed by vocalist Scott Cessna, bassist David Gentner and drummer G. Avery Brisk.

UNCLE SAM grabbed tons of coverage in the likes of 'Kerrang!' with the debut, leading to a European deal with, ironically enough, Razor Records. The first album certainly made an impact, going on to sell over 10'000 copies. Touring saw Ron K. taking the drum role before Jeff Mann made the position more permanent.

In April 1989 Cessna was reported to have quit and was replaced on lead vocals by bassist David Gentner. Gentner's brother, Bill Purol, was enlisted to fill his shoes in the four string position.

UNCLE SAM's next album 'Letters From London' was preceded by a 7" single 'Whiskey Slick', the B side of which featured a cover version of LINK WRAY's 'Rumble'. A third album, 'Fourteen Women...Fifteen Days' issued through London based Communique Records, based upon the exploits of Rochester serial killer Arthur Shawcross, did not emerge until after the band's demise in 1993.

Gentner went on to form THE VEINS, re-recording UNCLE SAM's 'Fallout Shelter' from the last album.

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