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Riverside, California based Christian Alt-Metal band SINAI BEACH was assembled in 2000 by vocalist C.J. Alderson, guitarist Logan Lambert, bassist Jeff Santo with Mike Dunlap on drums, announcing their intention to deliver "hard music with a message of hope and change". Second guitarist Mike Risinger was enrolled during recording of debut album 'When Breath Escapes' for Facedown Records.

North American gigs in March of 2005, dubbed the 'City Of Champions' tour, saw a road alliance with ZAO, THE JULIANA THEORY and OPEN HAND. Throughout May and June the band hooked up with TERROR, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, and COMEBACK KID for Canadian and US gigs.

Victory Records re-issued 'When Breath Escapes' with new artwork in April 2006. May found the band in union with STILL REMAINS and DEMIRICOUS for a set of UK dates.

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