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GYPSY QUEEN, borne out of a Florida club act made a big impression in 1987. Not only was the band fronted by two delectable twin sisters Pam and Paula Mattioli but their debut album bore the hallmark production of Jack Douglas, noted for his work with AEROSMITH, STARZ and JOHN LENNON.

Despite tales that the twins had once posed naked for 'Playboy', the truth is that whilst the twins were offered vast sums of money to do so the pair declined the offer in order to pursue a serious career in music.

The twins had been born in Buffalo, New York in 1960 and relocated to Florida via a period spent in New York City. Having created GYPSY QUEEN with a number of local musicians the twins became something of a draw on the bar circuit, English bassist Mars Cowling (ex PAT TRAVERS / FLYING HAT BAND) being just one of the musicians who eventually found themselves in the group.

tape of GYPSY QUEEN's material eventually reached Jack Douglas who was impressed enough to fly to Florida with an offer to produce an album.

Douglas' connections led to a deal with the French based Loop company releasing the debut GYPSY QUEEN album in the Summer of 1987 and the band debuted in Britain with an appearance at the 1987 Reading Festival. Press criticism was harsh and subsequently the Mattioli sisters fired the rest of the band. By the end of the year fresh faces were announced in the form of guitarist Scotty Migone, bassist Joey Ojeda and ex AUTODRIVE drummer Kenny Wendlend.

The band toured the British clubs intensively including dates with support act MARSHALL LAW. In early 1988 GYPSY QUEEN went on the road in America fulfilling over 50 live dates. A second album in 1989, the first recorded efforts of which - 'Take Care Of Yourself' backed with 'Helpless' - were issued as a single in Britain.

The band eventually broke up when a projected second album, 'Out Of Control', was not granted a release as the Mattiolis became embroiled in a legal battle, allegedly involving former members of the band. Guitarist Scott Migone joined the Florida based outfit JESSE STRANGE.

The twins eventually regrouped under the name of CELL MATES and released an album through the Scotti Brothers label. Interestingly, Pamela Mattioli has since re-appeared fronting DOWN BY 4, a Los Angeles based group.

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