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ALICE IN CHAINS formed in 1986 originally with an overtly Glam image but would find huge commercial success as the very epitome of Grunge. The band had previously gone under the name of DIAMOND LIE. Vocalist Layne Staley was just ridding himself of a Glam act he was fronting when he teamed up with guitarist Jerry Cantrell and erstwhile SATO and GYPSY ROSE bassist Mike Starr. Staley, known then as Candy Staley, had for three years fronted SLEZE, an outfit comprising guitarist Nicky, bassist Yianni 'Johnny' Bacolas and drummer Bam Bamm. Another one time SLEZE member, bassist Jimmy Sheppard would later go on to Metal band SANCTUARY.

Johnny Bacolas, would later found SECOND COMING. During 2009 it was revealed Bacolas had forged a new act entitled THE CRYING SPELL.
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