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Seattle's SANCTUARY, dating back to 1985, besides employing a distinctive brand of Power Thrash, may just hold the record for the band with the longest hair in the world. The speed Metal group came to prominence with the inclusion of a brace of demo cuts on the 'Northwest Metalfest' compilation album. Immediately apparent was that vocalist Warrell Dane, a former member of SERPENT'S KNIGHT, was in possession of one of the most powerful throats on the Metal scene. Bassist Jim Sheppard had previously been a member of local Glam band SLEZE, an outfit fronted by a pre-ALICE IN CHAINS Layne 'Candy' Staley.

SANCTUARY's first mark would be made with a 1986 demo, this session scoring a label deal with the Epic corporation. The debut album, 1987's 'Refuge Denied' produced by MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine, features a rather weighty cover of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE's acid daze classic 'White Rabbit', this track also notably featuring Mustaine's guitar parts on the intro. Dane's prior act SERPENT'S KNIGHT had first covered the same track on a 1983 demo.

SANCTUARY proceeded to tour Europe as support to MEGADETH before recording the equally impressive Howard Benson produced 'Into The Mirror Black', recorded at Sound City, Van Nuys in California and issued in February 1990. A promotional live EP, 'Into The Mirror Live' recorded at the Reseda's Country Club in May 1990, was serviced to radio.

SANCTUARY broke up with Dane forging NEVERMORE, finding cult success in Europe with a consistent string of quality albums. Dane's name was tenuously linked with the then vacant vocal position in JUDAS PRIEST during 1996.

Dave Budbill resurfaced in DIFFICULT then in mid 2003 as drummer for STARRFACTORY, a project spearheaded by former ATHEIST and NEUROTICA frontman Kelly Shaefer.

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