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Created in 1981 as THE EDGE, Texan trio KING'S X have always tended to elicit greater acclaim from fellow musicians than the public in general, but have nonetheless managed to release a string of albums that have rarely disappointed. Guitarist TY TABOR had briefly been a drummer in the TRACY ST. BAND before switching roles to the guitarist position. It was in this role he was spotted by vocalist Doug Pinnick, then a member of SERVANT. Drummer JERRY GASKILL also teamed up with the TRACY ST. BAND, sharing roles with a position alongside Pinnick in SERVANT. The next step was for Tabor and Gaskill to join THE GREG BOALS BAND while Pinnick moved on to covers act THE CARL HERSHAW BAND. Before long the trio, together with guitarist Den McCullem, had formed THE EDGE. After one gig McCullum quit.

As THE EDGE, the threesome, now joined by Kirk Henderson, were forced to resort to the covers circuit in order to survive and were frustrated by a complete lack of interest in their own material.. It got to the point where they even gave up playing Hard Rock and chose to pursue a career playing Top 40 Pop Rock tunes in Houston clubs until the three-piece decided to pull the plug, retire to the rehearsal room and start all over.

After a year and a half Henderson bailed out and THE EDGE became SNEAK PREVIEW. A gig was recorded and intended for a live album but never saw the light of day. However, a rare studio album was issued.

Financially the band had come to a full stop so were eager to take up an offer to perform on an album by Christian artist MORGAN CRYER. This work entailed a relocation to Houston, Texas. At this stage both Gaskill and Pinnick briefly joined established Christian rockers PETRA. However, no recordings were made during their tenure.

Adopting the new name of KING'S X (for many years a lot of people wrongly assumed this was pronounced 'Kings Cross'), the group was eventually picked up by ZZ TOP associate Sam Taylor after meeting him by chance in the middle of 1986. Taylor became manager, advisor and producer and one of the demo tapes the group would record over the next few months would eventually find its way to Megaforce Records supremo Johnny Zazula after being turned down by virtually every other record company in North America.

KING'S X recorded their debut album with Taylor that was released in early 1988. Titled 'Out Of The Silent Planet', the record gained the trio cover status in 'Kerrang!' and would be followed with the strangely titled 'Gretchen Goes To Nebraska' album a year later. By this time the White Metal community had begun to embrace the group, although KING'S X were not comfortable with being pigeon-holed as a Christian Rock group. Further problems arose when Doug admitted to smoking pot and in a later interview told a reporter he was gay.

'Faith Hope Love', released in 1990, was to give KING'S X their biggest commercial success in terms of sales but KING'S X remained steadfastly sales wise in the 'cult' group category. Nevertheless, the band garnered healthy exposure in Europe as support act to AC/DC, following this feat with UK headline dates in May 1991 supported by MINDFUNK.

Despite rumours that they had been dropped, the trio returned in 1994 with the Grunge-ified 'Dogman' album. The group very nearly called it quits at this juncture when, after a highly praised appearance at the mammoth 'Woodstock '94' concert in front of an audience of 300,000, Doug Pinnick announced they were stunned to have only sold 200 albums the following week. After a further effort, the softer sounding 'Ear Candy' the band parted ways with Atlantic. A 'greatest hits' album of sorts, 'Best Of King's X', marked the end of the band's ten year association with Atlantic Records. As KING'S X set to work on a brand new album for new label Metal Blade, TY TABOR released a self-financed solo album during late 1997 'Naomi's Solar Pumpkin', reissued on Metal Blade as 'Moonflower Lane'. Pinnick, meantime, had found time to guest on DREAM THEATER's 'Fallen Into Infinity' album. Doug can be heard on the track 'Lines In The Sand'.

Pinnick also laid plans to release a solo album 'Massive Grooves From The Electric Church Of Psychofunkadelic Grungelism Rock Music' with his side band POUNDHOUND, an outfit including GALACTIC COWBOYS bassist Len Sonnier.

Not content with one side project Pinnick has also created SUPERSHINE with TROUBLE men guitarist Bruce Franklin and drummer Jeff Olsen issuing an eponymous album in 2000. The record was mixed by Tabor and saw additional drum duties handled by Gaskill.

Tabor has also involved himself with DREAM THEATER man John Myung's PLATYPUS side project album. The record also sees the inclusion of DIXIE DREGS, WINGER and ZENO drummer Rod Morgenstein.

KING'S X, promoting new album 'Manic Moonlight', would kick off a 2001 American run of dates supported by British act MOKE in Tampa, Florida on October 12th. Evidence of the band's grass roots support and unwavering popularity was confirmed when the group announced a second leg of extensive dates commencing in Charlotte, North Carolina on the 29th May 2002. It would seem KING'S X would spend much of the year on the road, also being announced as part of an Autumn package billing for U.S. dates in alliance with DREAM THEATER and JOE SATRIANI. Later gigs throughout the winter had KING'S X packaged with DIO and HAMMERFALL.

A further solo endeavour of TY TABOR's entitled New Age' was also set to emerge. These recordings, half an hour of instrumentals performed on a Roland guitar synth, had originally been cut in 1996 and given free to Tabor's close friends at Christmas. Word of mouth on the internet prompted a belated official release. Pinnick too found time for a side endeavour, forming up a project band with PEARL JAM bassist Jeff Ament and drummer Richard Stuverud.

Longstanding fans would be given a treat in May of 2003 with the release of 'Black Like Sunday', a collection of re-recorded archive tracks including material pre-dating the band's signing to Megaforce. Live date throughout the summer saw the band hooked up with FISHBONE and even a couple of shows with SAMMY HAGAR. KING'S X would be back into Europe on a headline tour in September, with support coming from THE URBANE.

Doug Pinnick would donate vocal tracks to a version of the KISS classic 'Parasite' for a tribute album 'Spin The Bottle' in 2004 and would also partner with guitarist GILBY CLARKE for a rendition of AC/DC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long' included on the Rufftown 'We Salute You' tribute album.. Meantime drummer JERRY GASKILL issued his first solo album, 'Come Somewhere', on 27th April through the European InsideOut Music label. KING'S X colleague Ty Tabor would provide his studio for the recording and was involved as bassist, guitarist, and producer.

KINGS X pulled in some unexpected exposure when the track 'Static', off their 2001 'Manic Moonlight' release, was featured on the soundtrack to the 'Ghostwatcher' movie. The band would engage veteran Heavy Metal producer Michael Wagener for recording in the Summer.

Pinnick revealed yet another collaboration in mid 2004, a union with former WINGER, WHITESNAKE and DOKKEN guitarist REB BEACH, WHITESNAKE keyboard player Timothy Drury and QUIET RIOT drummer Frankie Banali in an 80's Rock band unit given the working title of DEVIL CHILDREN by record company Frontiers. However, this proposed band title would be dismissed by the musicians. As it transpired this unit evolved into THE MOB, with NIGHT RANGER's KELLY KEAGY taking over the position of drummer.

The extensive round of touring conducted by KING'S X resulted in the band's debut live opus, 'Live All Over the Place', released in November.

Doug Pinnick issued a solo album, 'Emotional Animal', in July through Magna Carta Records accredited to DUG PINNICK.

In May of 2005 KING'S X announced they had contracted a new worldwide deal with InsideOut Music for an album given a provisional title of 'Landscape', subsequently switched to 'Ogre Tones'. A lengthy US touring schedule throughout the Winter saw THE LIZARDS as opening act on East Coast dates.

KING'S X frontman Doug Pinnick substituted for Corey Glover on LIVING COLOUR European touring in August 2006. Pinnick also featured on the VAN HALEN song 'Light Up The Sky' included on the tribute album '80s Metal Tribute To Van Halen' released by Deadline Records in September.

The band, working with producer Michael Wagener, set to work on a new KING'S X album on January 27th 2007 at WireWorld Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

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