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PARIAH was formed in San Antonio, Texas by high school friends six years before the emergence of their major debut record, PARIAH were signed by Geffen in 1991. After a succession of delays caused by the re-writing of material, the search for a producer and other frustrating problems, PARIAH's debut album eventually surfaced. Produced by Tom Werman, 'To Mock A Killing Bird' features re-workings of four songs from the independently issued debut record. The track 'This Means War' was notably co-written with fellow Texan Jason MacMaster of WATCHTOWER and DANGEROUS TOYS.

Before the album was ever completed, the Ellison siblings, guitarist Kyle and bassist Sims, appeared in MADONNA's video for 'Deeper And Deeper', having met the brothers in the kitchen of Brookline Studios in Los Angeles where PARIAH were recording overdubs for the album. The building also housed the Pop diva's Maverick company. Sims Ellison also made a name for himself outside of the Rock n' Roll circuit by dating then up and coming actress Renee Zellweger.

PARIAH hit troubled times and were dropped by Geffen in 1995. Sims Ellison sadly took his own life, shooting himself in the head with a handgun, after suffering from depression. Brother Kyle established The Sims Foundation with his mother to help musicians suffering from the illness.

PARIAH guitarist Jared Syn (real name Jared Tuten) would re-emerge in 1999 as part of Jason McMasters bar room Boogie Rockers BROKEN TEETH. Drummer Shandon Sahm would also forge an alliance with McMasters but with his KISS tribute band SSIK. 2006 found singer Dave Derrick fronting HELLAPENO.

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