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UNITED STATES, Texas, Austin

Date Formed Oct/1987

Categories: Hard Rock


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DANGEROUS TOYS formed in Austin, Texas during 1981 as ONYXX by members guitarists Tim Trembley and Scott Dalhover and bassist Mike Watson. Another former ONYXX colleague, drummer Mark Geary. joined the fold in 1987. The band added ex-Techno-Metal WATCHTOWER vocalist Jason McMaster to become DANGEROUS TOYS. Signing to major corporation CBS Records to release the well received self-titled, Max Norman produced 1989 album, the band lost the services of Tim Trembley and duly enlisted second guitarist Danny Aaron for roadwork. Although Aaron appeared on the album cover, he did not perform on the tracks as Dalhover played all the guitar parts. 'Dangerous Toys' peaked at no. 65 on the national US Billboard chart.

DANGEROUS TOYS first cut their touring teeth in Britain in late 1989 opening for FASTER PUSSYCAT. Further touring in America followed as the band were added to the Epic Records touring extravaganza 'Operation Rock' n' Roll' headlined by JUDAS PRIEST and ALICE COOPER plus fellow label colleagues MOTÖRHEAD and METAL CHURCH. Cooper's inclusion on the bill was extremely gratifying for DANGEROUS TOYS as they had previously penned the MTV video hit 'Scared' in tribute to the king of shock rock.

In a collaboration with renowned hit maker Desmond Child the band cut 'Demon Bell' for the movie soundtrack of 'Shocker'. Further touring ensued as the band opened for THE CULT and BONHAM on a drawn out American west coast tour as the album broke the gold sales status barrier.

The 1991 Roy Thomas Baker produced 'Hellacious Acres' gave the band more radio success with tracks 'Line 'Em Up' and 'Gimme No Lip'. A cover of BAD COMPANY's 'Feel Like Makin' Love' was on the album for good measure. The album hit no. 67 on the US charts.

In 1992 the band brought in Mike Fowler to replace Aaron. In this formation DANGEROUS TOYS toured solidly before another change saw ex-DIRTY LOOKS guitarist Paul Lidel taking Fowler's place in January 1994. The ensuing 200 date tour of America found former SALTY DOG bassist Michael Hannon in the band. The group returned with the 'Pissed' album, produced by Billy Sherwood and Mike Fletcher at The Office in Van Nuys, California between February 24th and March 22nd 1994. However, Mike Watson then exited.

The 1995 album, 'The R.Tist Formerly Known As Dangerous Toys', produced by Tom Fletcher and recorded at Austin Recording Studio between June and July 1995, cleverly played upon the PRINCE title, the DANGEROUS TOYS character mimicking the purple one's nude photograph from his 1988 'Lovesexy' album. The recording roster comprised Jason McMaster, on both vocals and bass guitar, lead guitarist Scott Dalhover, guitarist Paul Lidel and drummer Mike Geary.

With the band being let go by their label the members all went their separate ways. Ex-DANGEROUS TOYS guitarist Kevin Fowler formed Southern rockers THUNDERFOOT in 1995, prior to opting for career as a Country & western singer / songwriter. Hannon formed HILLJACK for a self titled album and also came back to the fore operating AMERICAN DOG. Lidel founded FLIGHT 64 and subsequently 20LB BUZZ.

By 1998 McMasters was fronting GODZILLA MOTOR COMPANY as well as making appearances with tributes bands SSIK, GLAMOURPUSS and BON BON. The man would also deputize for new Portrait signings UNION UNDERGROUND and be rumoured to have been a serious contender in the stakes for SKID ROW vocalist.

In 1999 DANGEROUS TOYS released a live album, 'Vitamins And Crash Helmets Tour-Live Greatest Hits' through Deadline Records. McMaster resurfaced in 2000 contributing lead vocals to a version of 'Let It Go' for a DEF LEPPARD tribute album 'Leppardmania'.

The former DANGEROUS TOYS duo of McMasters and Lidel would combine forces for a 2001 for a Boogie Rock project entitled BROKEN TEETH and a subsequent eponymous album. Originally Mike Watson had also been party to this liaison when first convened in 1999. In early 2003 guitarist Scott Dalhover unveiled his new act MONSTER RODD.

Jason McMaster, alongside GEORGE LYNCH and Tony Harnell of TNT, contributed vocals to a take on 'Shy Boy' to the Versailles Records VAN HALEN tribute 'Best of Both Worlds' in 2003. In September 2004 it was announced that McMaster was to form up part of ex-RATT singer STEPHEN PEARCY's much vaunted 'Bastards of Metal' tour as announcement revealed plans to include a roster of Pearcy, Mcmaster, former ANTHRAX frontman Joey Belladonna, the BULLETBOYS Marq Torien and Ron Keel of KEEL and IRONHORSE. Also on the billing would be be DROP and STS. DANGEROUS TOYS received some unexpected attention that same year when the fast rising New Wave of American Heavy Metal band SHADOWS FALL included a cover of 'Teazin' Pleasin'', complete with vocals from Jason McMaster, on the Japanese versions of their album 'The War Within'.

During 2007 the group cut a version of LYNYRD SKYNYRD's 'Simple Man' for a tribute album.

DANGEROUS TOYS celebrated its 18th anniversary by getting back together for a reunion concert at Austin's Red-Eyed Fly venue in early May 2005.

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