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A Death Metal 'Super' combo centred upon MORBID ANGEL vocalist / bassist Steve Tucker, CANNIBAL CORPSE, ex-NEVERMORE, MONSTROSITY and CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist Pat O'Brien and DISASTRONAUT guitarist Greg Reed. The EMPEROR, ENSLAVED and ZYKLON credited drummer Trym Torson (a.k.a. Kai Johnny Mosaker) was recruited in 2002.

Tucker duly rejoined MORBID ANGEL for the 2003 album 'Heretic', but would leave the band again, exiting just prior to proposed Mexican dates in August 2004. Apparently Tucker had suffered "massive anxiety attack and had to be hospitalized". The frontman soon responded, stating that he had contracted a lung infection "due to my excessive travel and the variety of weather and environments that I endure in these travels."

Greg Reed would be involved with the 2004 Alt-Rock act UNDERCURRENT, a project comprising former MORBID ANGEL frontman Steven Tucker, SUBVINYL man Anthony Gentry on bass and DISINTER drummer Tomaz. March of 2005 found Tucker acting as stand-in bassist for NILE's European festival dates.

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