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Founded by the perceived rich kid duo of brothers P.J. and Gerard de Marigny in 1979, both of whom had suffered the misfortune of having had to study classical trumpet for ten years in their youth. Although the media soon latched onto AMERICADE's enthusiastic self promotion campaign the siblings had in fact been raised in the immigrant working class environment of Ridgewood, New York. Both siblings and their father funded the band heavily. The first true line-up of the band featured bassist Nick Sadano, who had played with Walt Woodward III in the New York outfit RACHEL, the band that gave the world erstwhile RIOT vocalist RHETT FORRESTER.

Prior to Woodward joining AMERICADE he had auditioned for TWISTED SISTER, who were looking for a drummer at the time. Walt reportedly got the job, but quit within a matter of 3 days, eventually teaming up with AMERICADE instead. Known for their flamboyancy, Gerard De Marigny was often likened to 'an American flag with skin' in local press reviews thanks to his stars n' stripes stage attire, AMERICADE pushing the patriotic Rock band trip to the max.

Former ROCKSIDE and FREEWAY man Dave Spitz, brother of ANTHRAX's guitarist Danny Spitz, replaced Sadano following recording of AMERICADE's alleged 'state of the art' recorded debut, one of the first albums to be heavily promoted through an alliance of six US distributors. The band then worked with noted producer Jeff Glixman on a projected second album 'Rock Hard' but the group folded. Spitz later joined WHITE LION and promptly quit that band to join BLACK SABBATH in 1986. He subsequently sessioned for GREAT WHITE's 1996 album 'Let It Rock'. Woodward moved to Los Angeles and played on SHARK ISLAND's 'S'Cool Buss' album before later joining Texan outfit SWEET SAVAGE and, ultimately, RACER X, which evolved into THE SCREAM.

An attempt to re-launch the band by Gerard de Marigny in 1989 was made with little success, the short-lived new line-up featuring ex-L.A. ROCKS and MALICE singer Mark Weitz, drummer Paul Cammarata and former WENDY O' WILLIAMS bassist Greg Smith. Weitz soon bailed to join IMPELLITERI. Smith would actually go on to greater heights with time spent with ALICE COOPER, RED DAWN, BLUE OYSTER CULT and the rejuvenated RAINBOW. However, a brand new record, entitled 'Americade.Com', did surface in 1995. The players would be the Marigny brothers, Smith and Walt Woodward III on drums.

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