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UNITED STATES, Maryland, Rockville

Date Formed 1983

Categories: Speed Metal, Thrash Metal




Maryland Punk influenced Thrash Metal band INDESTROY, titled after a song by THE OBSESSED, debuted with the 1986 demo session 'Tortured By Fire'. The INDESTROY second album features a completely revised line up of vocalist / guitarist Mark Strassburg and bassist Jeff Parsons together with guitarist Danny Kenyon and drummer Rob 'Cougin' Brannigan. For subsequent demo recordings Shawn Williams took the place of Kenyon.

Strassberg went missing on a cross country motorcycle trip during July 1989 having left Maryland for San Francisco and was planning to later head to Los Angeles in order to undertake promotion work for 'Senseless Noise'. He was reportedly found safe and well although his family declined to disclose what had happened to him.

Parsons would later be found as a member of WRETCHED and UNORTHODOX. Drummer Gus Basilika too would appear on the first two WRETCHED albums after an initial spell in DELIRIUM.

Kenyon was a member of DREADNOT during 1990 and would journey into the Doom scene with VORTEX OF INSANITY in 1993. This band, which also included INDESTROY's Cougin on drums, would issue the 1994 'Social Decay' album for German label Hellhound. Kenyon and Basilika would reunite in 1998 founding another Doom project GUT SOUP. The pair stuck together for 1999's LIFE BEYOND, fronted by erstwhile CREEPSHOW, SILENT CRY and IMMORAL man Louis Strachan.

INDESTROY's name would be re-activated many years later as 'Senseless Theories' saw a release in 2001 on the New Renaissance label.

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