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Highly rated Connecticut Metal outfit heavily influenced by classic British Metal. Formed by the core of bassist Matt Vinci, guitarist Tony Truglio, drummer Frank Cortese and singer Andy Michaud in late 1982. The five-piece gained a deal with the French Black Dragon label following major press interest in Europe for their demo tapes and shaped picture disc EP issued by the Ironworks label. The band was created in 1983 originally billed DECIEVER, as the name suggests a JUDAS PRIEST cover band, adopting the title LIEGE LORD the following year.

Plans for a self-financed, four track EP turned into a full blown album with the aid of Black Dragon after the company was recommended to LIEGE LORD by SAVAGE GRACE's Christian Logue. LIEGE LORD's debut album, 'Freedom's Rise' was released in 1985. The album was actually issued in America on the Ironworks label although its release there was not advertised, distribution was non-existent at best and the album came dressed in shabby black and white packaging. The Black Dragon variant though, clad in a high class fantasy artwork sleeve, would score the band acclaim amongst the European Metal press.

According to reports at the time Black Dragon terminated their relationship with the band prior to the release of the proposed second album claiming that the record was "too Thrash oriented" and thus rejecting it. However, the LIEGE LORD saga with Ironworks did not end there and a whole slew of collectables surfaced during this relationship. The 'Freedom's Rise' album would be released as a limited gatefold issue, 'Farewell' would see the light of day as a single in a series of cut to shape picture discs such as a heart shape, viking shape as well as 6 and 8 edged variants. In 1987 a collection of demo tracks would also leak out on picture disc restricted to a mere 150 copies.

Metal Blade Records stepped in to snap LIEGE LORD up, although at this point McCarthy quit the group and was swiftly replaced by Paul Nelson, a man who could claim to have been instructed by no less a player than the esteemed STEVE VAI. The band got back into action with the 1987 effort 'Burn To My Touch', produced by Joe Bouchard of BLUE OYSTER CULT fame. Although the 1988 album 'Master Control', including a cover version of RAINBOW's 'Kill The King', engineered by Terry Date and featuring new lead vocalist Joe Comeau, would be widely recognised as an underground Power Metal classic the band found unfortunately itself caught in the midst of the 90s Metal backlash. LIEGE LORD toured America co-headlining with Canadians ANVIL before a run of East Coast shows with Swedish Doom lords CANDLEMASS but would ultimately fold.

Guitarist Paul Nelson would join the Def Jam artists the B-STOOLS. Ex-LIEGE LORD singer Joe Comeau would be fronting Canadian Speed Metal band ANNIHILATOR by 2000. He would also rack up credits with New Jersey Thrashers OVERKILL. However, Comeau and Nelson would reunite for a one off project in late 2000 cutting their version of 'Too Scared To Run' for a URIAH HEEP tribute album as well as 'Dungeons Are Calling' for a similar SAVATAGE effort, both released by the German Century Media label. PAUL NELSON would also issue the solo album 'Look'. The guitarist put in a spate of sessions including appearances on the JASON BECKER tribute 'Warmth In The Wilderness' and on a rendition of QUEENSRYCHE's 'Speak' included on the New York City benefit album 'United- We All Stand Together' assembled by the Italian Frontiers label.

LIEGE LORD reunited for a one off performance at the annual 'Wacken Open Air' festival in Germany. The line-up comprised of Nelson, Comeau, OVERKILL and ANVIL man Sebastian Marino on guitar and the rhythm section of Marino's side project RAMROD. Nelson hooked up with Blues legend JOHNNY WINTER for a series of January 2003 shows. A Nelson co-composition, 'Shakedown', written with EDGAR WINTER group man Scott Spray, was set to appear on JOHNNY WINTER's 2004 studio album 'I'm A Bluesman'. Nelson would also join Winter's touring band for US dates in May. The year would be capped by Nelson being nominated for a Grammy award for 'I'm A Bluesman' in the 'Best Contemporary Blues Album 2004' category.

In February 2006 ex-LIEGE LORD man Joe Comeau joined Swedish Metal band TAD MOROSE as their new frontman. Former LEIGE LORD guitarist Tony Truglio joined UPWARDS OF ENDTIME that December.

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