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Washington, D.C. based Alt-Metal band created in 1994 as a quartet of frontman David Gabbard, guitarist Tom Maxwell, bassist Bill Gaal and drummer Chris Houck. Maxwell's dues had been paid as a member of eighties Thrashers HAVE MERCY and MARY'S SUICIDE. This formative version of the group recorded three demo sessions but by 1995 the group was headed up by singer Matt Holt. The band distinguished themselves by avoiding the then prevalent Rap-Metal bandwagon, offering Hardcore laced, aggressive modern Metal. NOTHINGFACE debuted commercially with February 1997's 'Pacifier', co-produced by Frank Marchand at Oz Recording Studios in Baltimore, Maryland, on the Dcide label.However, the band had actually cut an eponymous set of album tracks in 1995.

Follow up 'An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity', engineered by Drew Mazurek, was released by Mayhem in September 1998. Switching to the TVT label NOTHINGFACE gained enhanced exposure through the Drew Mazurek produced September 2000 album 'Violence'. This set was recorded at Armoury Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, the band's stability fractured and Houck, suffering from high blood pressure, made way for Tommy Sickles. Gaal departed too, opting to pursue a career on the other side of the mixing desk and the band pulled in erstwhile DEADLIGHTS man Jerry Montano as substitute. Montano, subsequently joining DANZIG's touring line up, was forced out to make space for a returning Gaal. NOTHINGFACE's fourth album, 'Skeletons', was released in April 2003 via TVT Records.Japanese versions added two bonus tracks, 'Down In Flames' and 'Bleeder'.

Following a decade of activity, NOTHINGFACE folded in February 2004. Guitarist Tom Maxwell and drummer Tommy Sickles rapidly announced the formation of COLDWHITECHRIST, a new band formation in league with the DEADLIGHTS and DANZIG credited bassist Jerry Montano. Subsequently, this project added ex-SKRAPE frontman Billy Keeton and switched names to SEVER, then to BLESSED IN BLACK. Meantime, bassist Bill Gaal issued a statement unveiling the formation of his new project, PERFECT ENEMY, which also featured ex-NOTHINGFACE vocalist Matt Holt. This unit subsequently evolved into KINGDOM OF SNAKES.

Word arrived in November 2005 that NOTHINGFACE had reformed and would tour as support to DISTURBED in early 2006. The new look band comprised vocalist Matt Holt, guitarist Tom Maxwell, drummer Tommy Sickles and Jerry Montano, of DANZIG and DEADLIGHTS, on bass guitar. In February 2006 the group joined SILENT CIVILIAN and CROSSBREED for a Jägermeister sponsored US tour.

During August 2006 it was revealed that guitarist Tom Maxwell and bass player Jerry Montano had teamed up with a brand new project. This studio unit involved MUDVAYNE's vocalist Chad Gray and guitarist Greg Tribbett plus PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. In October this unit, having commenced recording for its debut, was branded HELLYEAH. In December it was learned that Bill Gaal had forge LOVERS REVOLT in alliance with ex-PRONG guitarist Mike Longworth.

In May 2008 the original NOTHINGFACE line-up, Matt Holt on vocals, Bill Gaal on bass, Chris Houck on drums and Tom Maxwell on guitar, regrouped to start writing and recording music for a new album. This marked the first time the band's original members had worked together as a unit since NOTHINGFACE's 'Violence' record in 2000. 

In early 2009 the group remastered tracks from their debut album at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore, Maryland. The re-vamped version of 'Nothingface' was re-issued on 26th May 2009.

That same year Maxwell and Sickles forged KNIVES OUT!, a Baltimore, Maryland based Alt-Metal act comprising a quintet of Alt-Metal veterans involving vocalist Todd Smith, from DOG FASHION DISCO and POLKADOT CADAVER, guitarist Jasan Stepp, of DOG FASHION DISCO and POLKADOT CADAVER, and bass player Dave Cullen, of POLKADOT CADAVER.

In January 2010 ex-member Jerry Montano joined forces with Mark Zavon on guitar, Mike Dupke from W.A.S.P. on drums, and Matt James from PROGRAM THE DEAD on vocals to launch an unnamed new project.

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