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UNITED STATES, California, San Jose

Date Formed 1995

Categories: Neo Thrash, Nu-Metal




Starting life as a Thrash Metal band during 1995, San Jose's INSOLENCE would chameleon like mutate through a variety of styles before ending up in the Rap Nu-Metal camp for recording of their Maverick / Warner Bros. Debut 'Revolution'. The original incarnation of the band formed as a quartet of vocalist Ron Taniguchi, guitarist Joey Ruiz, bassist Rich Reed and drummer Armando Cardenas issuing the full on Speed Metal album 'Vicious Circle'. By the second album, 1997's Loud Mouth released 'Within', Hardcore and Funk influences had started to creep into the band sound.

Ruiz would depart to found Metal act MOVEMENT. Taniguchi too would bid farewell, later journeying through a variety of acts such as TRUE TO FORM, LAVABONE with erstwhile PRIMER 55 members and STITCH. Only Cardenas would be left standing as the sole surviving INSOLENCE member after Reed too pulled out. A completely revised outfit was duly forged featuring co-vocalists Mark Herman and 'Mech 1' (a.k.a. Billy Rosentahl) together with 18 year old guitarist Mike Rowan. The 1998 'Universal' album, complete with WU TANG CLAN samples, arrived in 1998 then 'Terrorist' in 1999. This latter record transpired to be a full blown Hip Hop outing which included guests Tame of SOUL AGGRESSION and Excel from NEW SKOOLS. 2000's 'Poisonous Prophecy' redressed the balance somewhat blending Rock with Reggae and Dub stylings.

The 'Revolution' album saw guest appearances from OZZY OSBOURNE bassist Robert Trujillo, ex MACHINE HEAD and SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader and erstwhile SOULFLY drummer Roy Mayorga. All three of course all also being members of PALE DEMON (later MEDICATION). Also prominent in the sessions would be FISHBONE's Angelo Moore and Sen Dog of CYPRESS HILL. A track culled from the album, 'Natural High', would be used as part of the movie soundtrack to the Adam Sandler comedy hit 'Little Nicky'.

Reports arrived in January of 2002 that INSOLENCE were splitting but it would transpire that in actuality drummer Armando Cardenas, who owned the rights to the INSOLENCE name, had made his exit. The remaining band members duly recruited former SALMON drummer Kevin Higuchi whilst a name change was decided upon.

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