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Once described as possessing 'psychopathic ballerina looks', Wolverhampton based CLOVEN HOOF burst upon the scene with outrageous stage costumes. The act's profile was heightened by supportive press from 'Sounds' magazine writer Geoff Barton, who was impressed with the band's undoubted KISS inspired image as much as the comic book pseudonyms of Air, Fire, Earth and Water!

CLOVEN HOOF (the name was chosen to be specifically demonic) was formed by Lee 'Air' Payne as far back as 1979. The band was dreamt up as a concept of an alternative universe to which a bunch of ordinary Rockers are whisked away to after a freak elemental outburst transformed as four superhero like characters. The quartet finally released product with the 'Opening Ritual' EP, issued through their own Elemental label, in 1982 and would follow this up. With a fully fledged debut album on the Neat label in 1984, by which point the group had abandoned the costumes and defied the elements in order to become just another Heavy Metal band.

CLOVEN HOOF's next vinyl experience appeared in 1987, by which time Potter had quit and had been replaced by 'Bob Hemorick', who debuted on the 'Live -Fighting Back' affair. This singer would in fact be Rob Kendrick, a veteran of DON NIX, BUDGIE and TRAPEZE. Unfortunately, the band completely disintegrated shortly after its release. However, main-man Les Payne refused to admit defeat, signing to FM Revolver after forming a new version of CLOVEN HOOF with two ex-TREDEGAR members, vocalist Russ North and guitarist Andy Woods, together with drummer John Brown. However, North was soon ousted in favour of Derek John Hodd, whilst Woods was succeeded by Mick Grafton.

The resulting 'Dominator' album, recorded at Sinewave Studios in Birmingham, was produced by Guy Bidmead. 'Dominator', despite being a strong release, did little to revive the band's fortunes and Grafton quit, having a brief stint in DUMPY'S RUSTY NUTS before forming a short-lived band entitled SHOCK PROMISE with ex-IDOL RICH singer Lee Silver. The group called it quits after 1989's 'A Sultan's Ransom', a riff laden record that actually proved to be sorely overlooked, as North and Woods hooked up with TREDEGAR once more.

CLOVEN HOOF made a surprise return in 2003. The band announced a reformation appearance at the 'Keep It True II' festival held on 10th April, 2004 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany. Partnering on the billing would be a re-united SATAN as well as other retro acts MANILLA ROAD, ELIXIR, PARADOX, HALLOWEEN and MAJESTY.

MATT MORETON, an ex-TOKYO ROSE member and frontman for the WHOLE LOTTA METAL concept in 2004, would join the band for a 2005 album 'Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely'. This record underwent a name change to become 'Eye Of The Sun', finally seeing the light of day on Escape Music in June 2006.

Rejoined by singer Russ North and adding new personnel second guitarist Ben Read and drummer Simon Heywood, CLOVEN HOOF scheduled their live re-debut for 29th March 2007 at The Limelight club in Crewe.

New guitarist Christian Horton made his CLOVEN HOOF live debut 25th October 2009 at the 'Metal Maniacs' festival in Hoorn, Holland.

The band, alongside MARSHALL LAW, ATTICA RAGE, RAVEN VANDELLE, VOODOO JOHNSON, HURON and HEADRUSH, featured on the 'Clive Aid' benefit festival, to raise funds for the former IRON MAIDEN drummer's battle against multiple sclerosis, on 30th May 2009 at The Asylum in Birmingham.

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