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DOOM started life as THE SUBVERTERS, an outfit that comprised of vocalist / bassist Jon Pickering, guitarist Brian Talbot and drummer Jason Hodges. Following a change of drummer to Mick Harris, the band rallied around the new title of DOOM. However, Harris would depart for NAPALM DEATH and so new drummer Stick was added as DOOM's line-up evolved during 1987 This period of transition saw Pickering handing over bass duties to Pete Nash so as to be able to concentrate on lead vocals.

DOOM recorded a demo in August 1987 for Peaceville Records; two tracks of which found their way onto the 'A Vile Peace' compilation album. Nash had broken his wrist prior to these sessions so NAPALM DEATH bassist Jim Whitley filled in.

A further demo cassette, 'War Is Big Business', was made available for sale at gigs before DOOM recorded their debut album 'War Crimes-Inhuman Beings' for Peaceville Records. A further demo, 'Domesday', bridged the gap upfront of the 1988 album 'Bury The Debt- Not The Dead' (a split album with Sweden's NO SECURITY). DOOM were also invited to record two sessions for Radio One's John Peel show around this point.

the close of a lengthy European tour Talbot announced he was leaving, necessitating Pickering switching to guitar and DOOM soldiered on into 1990 before splitting.

Following the group's demise Pickering formed POLICE BASTARD, whilst drummer Stick joined EXTREME NOIZE TERROR then DIRT.

But DOOM was by no means dead and buried. The band reformed two years after they first split in order to tour Japan, but shortly after broke up once more. Talbot and Stick brought in ex-GENITAL DEFORMITIES vocalist Tom Croft and bassist Paul Mallen to quickly resurrect the name. This line-up recorded a split album with Finland's SELFISH and a split 7' single with HIATUS, although Mallen was to leave and in his stead came ex LARGACTYL bassist Scoot. A further split 7" was released with EXTINCTION OF MANKIND followed by the tactfully titled 'Fuck Peaceville' album and 'Hail To Sweden' single.

DOOM's 1996 tour of Sweden saw both Scoot and Croft opting to jump ship so BLOOD SUCKING FREAKS bassist Denis Boardman and vocalist Wayne Southworth were drafted in for the live dates. A permanent bassist was eventually found in ex-SUFFER man Chris Gasgoyne. Subsequently, Talbot would go on to join KHANG, this band then evolving into LAZARUS BLACKSTAR.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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