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London act founded in the early 90's by vocalist Katie Jane Garside, guitarist Crispin Gray (real name John Orion), bassist Richard Adams and Canadian drummer Vince Johnson. DAISY CHAINSAW purveyed a quirky brand of Rock made all the more intriguing by Garside's Gothic street urchin image (complete with dead flowers meshed into her dreadlocked hair), her waif like visual appeal in jarring opposition to her caustic brand of vocals. So manic were Garside's onstage performances that journalists openly questioned the singer's mental state. Indeed, this cult of notoriety was fostered as DAISY CHAINSAW had reputedly turned down numerous advances from major labels, including MADONNA's Maverick, and steadfastly refused 'Top Of The Pops' performance offers. When Garside began drilling holes into dolls heads and took to the stage sporting a shaved head swathed in bandages the myths grew even stronger.

DAISY CHAINSAW scored an immediate hit with their inaugural release 'Love Your Money'. However, signing to the influential One Little Indian label strangely saw their fortunes slide and media praise taking a swift about face. In North America the group garnered cult status courtesy of approval from both MTV's 'Beavis & Butthead's and the rebellious teenage character Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert, from TV hit comedy 'Roseanne'.

Garside would depart in 1993 with the rumour mill recycling earlier questions and propagating stories that she had lapsed into mental illness. Reports suggested the singer retired to the Lake District where for six months she was nursed back to health by an old lady called Vanya. DAISY CHAINSAW's next release, the 1994 'Love Me Forever' single and album 'For They Know Not What They Do', found the band fronted by Belinda Leith, previously a member of QUEEN BEE.

Katie Jane Garside did not totally disappear from view, being distinctively credited with "vocals, wigs, see-through nightgowns, rapid eye movements and regrettable clean-mindedness" on the 1993 FROSTBITE album 'Second Coming'. Gray and Garside also collaborated on a musical circus venture entitled 'Sacred Sawdust Ring'.

DAISY CHAINSAW, now minus Leith, did cut further material as a trio with Gray handling lead vocals. These sessions materialised as the 'You're Gruesome' single in 1995. The group then renamed itself DIZZY Q VIPER for an EP release. During 1996 Crispin Gray, Richard Adams and Vincent Johnson were back on the scene with VAPID DOLLY. Fronted by another female singer, the former geisha girl Hanayo, VAPID DOLLY released the 1997 album 'The Queen Of Pseudo Psychos'.

Vince Johnson put in session work with the Operatic MEDAEVAL BAEBES before allying himself with KITTY HUDSON. Garside, reuniting with Crispin Gray, founded a new act QUEEN ADREENA in 1999, debuting with the 'Taxidermy' album the following year. Erstwhile bassist Richard Adams debuted his new act in September 2002, NEW DISEASE being a union with TRICKY guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite, vocalist Jacob Lee Bane and drummer Rich Battersby of THE WILDHEARTS. However, before the year was out Adams would later leave NEW DISEASE to rejoin his colleagues in QUEEN ADREENA.

Belinda Leith set up a successful yoga practice.

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