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Säffle based Gothic Doom act founded as KERBEROS during May of 1994 and comprising vocalist / bassist Jesper Stolpe, guitarist Andy Hindenäs and drummer Johan Ericson. DRACONIAN released the demo 'Shades Of Lost Moon' in 1995, these recordings seeing studio contributions from vocalist / flute player Jessica Eriksson and vocalist / keyboard player Susanne Arvidsson. Subsequently the group was joined by second guitarist Magnus Bergström ('Bergis'). Compulsory military service interrupted the band's momentum but during this period of stasis keyboard player Andreas Karlsson joined the ranks.

In August of 1999 DRACONIAN recorded the projected album 'The Closed Eye Of Paradise'. However, the final tapes were not to the band's satisfaction and so a release was withheld. Regrouping, the band cut a two song promotion release entitled 'Frozen Features'. Hindenäs then departed, being superseded by Jerry Torstensson. Their next demo, 'Dark Oceans We Cry', scored a deal with Napalm Records and the group line up was further boosted with the addition of female singer Lisa Johansson and then bassist Thomas Jäger.

DRACONIAN's Johan Ericson manifested a "gloomier" side project dubbed DOOM:VS in 2004, crafting a demo 'Empire Of The Fallen'. DRACONIAN's 2004 album, recorded at Studio Underground in Västerås, saw NECARE's Ryan Henry contributing guest vocal parts. Billed as a "Luciferian" concept album, 'Arcane Rain Fell' was scheduled for January 2005 release. Guitarist Magnus Bergström opted out in June, being swiftly replaced by Daniel Arvidsson ('Arvid') of SCORCHED repute. Bassist Jesper Stolpe also departed at the same juncture. For DRACONIAN's appearance at the German 'Summer Breeze' festival in Abtsgmünd on 20th August the band utilised session musicians Peter Lautsen, of COLD EXISTENCE and MALEFICIO, on bass and keyboard player Sanne Karlsson.

Ericson initiated side endeavour ANGEL OF THE DARKEST WATERS, cutting demos during 2005, another in a long line of projects including TAUMIEL, SHADOWGARDEN, DEVILCHILD, DAS ARBEIT and LACRIMAE MUNDI. DRACONIAN drafted new bassist Fredrik Johansson in April 2006 as replacement for Jesper Stolpe.

The September 2006 album 'The Burning Halo' comprised previously unreleased material, demos and cover versions of EKSEPTION's 'On Sunday They Will Kill The World' and PENTAGRAM's 'Forever My Queen'. In November and December the band partnered with BATTLELORE and DARZAMAT for shows across Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK, Holland and Belgium.

DRACONIAN co-headlined the 'Madrid Is The Dark' festival held at Ritmo y Compas in Madrid, Spain during September 2009.

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