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SWEDEN, Gothenburg

Date Formed 1996

Categories: Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal


Melodic Death Metal from a Gothenburg act founded during April 1996 by former HEADPLATE frontman Jim Kjell and drummer Thym Blom. Later recruits were former IDIOTS RULE and SARCAZM guitarist Niclas Engelin and bassist Hákan Skoger. The band was championed in their early years by Jesper Stronbald of IN FLAMES who secured the deal with the French concern Listenable Records to put out the June 1997 album 'Two Feet Stand'. GARDENIAN's Nuclear Blast debut, August 1999's 'Soulburner', included guest lead vocals from ex-ARTCH vocalist Erik Hawk. This outing also found former ICE AGE singer Sabrina Kihlstrand adding her distinctive touch on backing vocals.

Niclas Engelin embroiled himself in yet another in the very long line of Swedish side ventures with PASSENGER, a late 2002 band endeavour also incorporating his erstwhile IN FLAMES colleague frontman Anders Friden, HEADPLATE bassist HÃ¥kan Skoger and ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE drummer Patrik J. Sten.

The band shifted shape quite dramatically in early 2003, inducting TIME REQUIEM and MAJESTIC singer Apollo Papathanasio and erstwhile GOOSEFLESH bassist Robert Hakemo, the latter also citing membership of Grindcore act RELEVANT FEW. Papathanasio was also to be found fronting SANDALINAS, a joint Spanish / Swedish collaboration centred on guitarist Jordi Sandalinas. Kriss Albertsson, who had previously performed bass in the group, remained a member, but only as a touring/session guitarist.

GARDENIAN folded in early 2004, although a new project soon rose up entitled KEROZENE. This new unit saw Engelin and ex-bassist Robert Hakemo joined by drummer Patrik J. Sten, of PASSENGER and an ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE member, along with vocalist Mikael Skager. The band cut recordings for their debut album early in the year, mixing it at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg during April. Meantime, vocalist Jim Kjell joined forces with ex-IN FLAMES guitarist and founder of DIMENSION ZERO, Glenn Ljungström, to create PITCHLINE.

In March 2005 a new Metal formation was announced with ENGEL, a Gothenburg based quintet featuring Niclas Engelin and Robert Hakemo in union with guitarist Marcus Sunesson, ex-THE CROWN, drummer Morbid Mojjo (a.k.a. Daniel Moilanen), a veteran of MINDSNARE, SANDALINAS, RUNEMAGICK, DRACENA, RELEVANT FEW and LORD BELIAL together with vocalist Mangan Klavborn. Meantime, ex-vocalist Apollo Papathanasio guested on VITALIJ KUPRIJ's 2005 opus 'Revenge' and in November joined Greek outfit FIREWIND. In August 2006 Robert Hakemo joined M.A.N.

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