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Olsztyn based CHRIST AGONY, their original 1990 line-up comprising vocalist / guitarist Cezar (a.k.a. Cezary Augustynowicz), bass guitarist Mauser (a.k.a. Asha Maurycym Stefanowiczem) and drummer Zurek (Zurkiem Chcialbym), cut their debut demo 'Sacronocturn' in 1990. Further tapes arrived in the form of 1992's 'Epitaph Of Christ' and the following years 'Unholy Union', recorded at Modern Sound Studio with producer Tomasz Bonarowski. The latter saw distribution through Carnage Records.

Signing to the French Adipocere label CHRIST AGONY debuted in 1994 with the 'Daemoonseth Act II' album, these recordings seeing producer Tomasz Bonarowski handling session keyboards. A change in drummers saw Gilan (Zurka Gilanem) introduced during 1995 as CHRIST AGONY switched to the British Cacophonus label for the issue of 'Moonlight Act III', once again utilising the services of Bonarowski and Modern Sound Studio. A jump to a third label, the Dutch Hammerheart imprint, resulted in the album 'Darkside' in 1997. This opus, released in Poland via Morbid Noizz Productions, found the band opting for a new setting, working with Andy Bomba behind the desk at Selani Studios. Tracks from the 'Epitaph Of Christ' demos would be commercially re-issued in 1998 by Pagan Records as the 'Trilogy' set.

Blackie of MOON took the bass reins in 1998 whilst Thoarinus of SACRILEGIUM and MARHOTH took over drums in 1999 for the 'Elysium' record on Metal Mind Productions. Cezar, alongside VADER drummer Docent, also operated side act MOON issuing two albums to date. Mauser has made his mark with both VADER and DIES IRAE.

Live shows during 2000 saw Blackie and Thaorinus replaced by the WITCHMASTER / SUPREME LORD rhythm section of bassist Reyash and drummer Vitold. A live concert recorded at the Warsaw Proxima Club in October 2000 would be released as the live album 'Live - Apocalypse' in 2002.

CHRIST AGONY announced they had signed to Agonia Productions for a 2005 album 'Union'. However, it transpired that the band had in fact changed its title to UNION, their 9th studio effort emerging as 'Christ Agony'. The November 'Extermination' tour of Poland saw INFERNAL WAR as support.

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