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NORWAY, Stavanger

Date Formed 2001

Categories: Gothic Metal


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SIRENIA is the post TRISTANIA project of Morten Veland. Uniting with musicians from his home town of Stavanger, namely guitarist Kristian Gundersen and Hans Henrik Varland, SIRENIA was, according to Veland, the next logical step from TRISTANIA. The debut album 'At Sixes And Sevens' includes guest sessions from violin player Pete Johansen who cites credits with THE SINS OF THY BELOVED and THE SCARR, 'clean' Gothic vocals from ELUSIVE's Jan Kenneth Barkved and female vocals courtesy of French singer Fabienne Gondamin.

SIRENIA formed up part of 'The Magic Of Angels' tour of Germany in May 2003, packaged alongside running mates EDENBRIDGE, TRAIL OF TEARS, BATTLELORE and SALTATIO MORTIS. At the end of August 2003, Veland and Gundersen arrived in Sound Suite Studios to record the follow up opus 'An Elixir For Existence'. The band for these sessions also saw the introduction of singer Henriette Bordvik and drummer Jonathan Perez. In August 2004 Kristian Gundersen exited due to his commitments to his other groups, NEW BREED and ELUSIVE.

Extensive tour dates in 2004 saw the band hooking up with ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES and BATTLELORE for a European mainland trek in November. The band then reported a further road alliance with TIAMAT, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and PAIN to take them into 2005. SIRENIA announced the addition of session guitarist Björnar Landa of DEATHFARE and ARTIFACT for these gigs and, with Jonathan Perez unable to make the shows, his substitution by Roland Navratil of EDENBRIDGE. The group signed a new record deal with Nuclear Blast Records in March.

Henriette Bordvik announced her departure from SIRENIA in September. The group returned in April the following year, naming 27-year-old Danish female singer Monika Pedersen as their new frontwoman. Album recordings, entitled 'Nine Destinies And A Downfall', would be set for July. These sessions were conducted at Jailhouse studios in Norway with engineer Hans Eidsgard and Soundsuite studios in France with Terje Refsnes.

In November 2006 guitarist Björnar Landa, who had been operating with the band as a session player, was inducted as a full time member. Upon release, 'Nine Destinies And A Downfall' entered the national German charts at number 54.

Tour dates across Europe were announced flanking THERION but on 5th November 2007, Monika Pedersen quit the band due to "musical disagreements". Auditioning was duly carried out and on 9th April 2008, SIRENIA announced that Spanish 'X Factor' contestant Ailyn (a.k.a. Pilar Giménez García) had secured the spot as their new female vocalist.

The band was still far from stable though as on 19th May it was announced that Bjørnar Landa had left the band. He was replaced by Michael S. Krumins. In June the group inducted bassist Kristian Olav Torp for recording sessions at Sound Suite Studios in France and Stargoth Studios in Norway whilst mixing and mastering took place at Antfarm Studios, Denmark with Tue Madsen.

A new SIRENIA album, called 'The 13th Floor', was completed on September with a release date set for 23rd January 2009. The album featured a guest appearance by Jan Kenneth Barkved.'The 13th Floor' debuted on the national German charts at no. 87 and in Switzerland at no. 67.

During mid 2009 Morten Veland contracted a deal with Austria's Napalm Records for his new band project MORTEMIA. This new venture was self-described as staying "beautiful melodies and bombastic choir passages, thus creating the perfect blend of traditional gothic metal and modern elements."

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