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Date Formed Nov/1996

Categories: Gothic Metal


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Symphonic Gothic Metal act THE SINS OF THY BELOVED was founded in Bryne during November 1996 initially entitled PURGATORY. A name switch was adopted prior to the release of the three track 'All Alone' EP released by the Italian Nocturnal Music label. Already with the sultry teenage Ingfrid Stensland on keyboards the band boosted their orchestration in September 1997 by enlisting second keyboard player and pianist Anders Thue for a 1998 demo session 'Silent Pain'. These tapes would score a deal with the Napalm label for the debut 'Lack Of Sorrow', issued that November.

THE SINS OF THY BELOVED would have a track featured on the 1999 Hall Of Sermon label compilation 'Ladies, Queens & Sluts'. Touring in 2000 backing up the sophomore 'Perpetual Desolation', released that April, saw the group on the road with TRISTANIA.

In January of 2001, as Napalm Records released the album 'Perpetual Desolation Live', lead vocalist Anita Auglend curtailed her services and the band pulled in Hege-Marie Aanby from Stavenger. However, Aanby too was out of the picture by April. Further membership changes in November 2005 saw Maiken Olaisen, of THE SCARR, taking over on keyboards from Ingfrid Stensland and Mona Wallin becoming lead vocalist. The group subsequently re-enlisted Anita Auglend in 2007.

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