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Liechtenstein's ELIS was founded in 2001 as ERBEN DER SCHȪPFUNG, issuing the 'Elis' single and 'Twilight' album under this banner. Vocalist Sabine Dünser and guitarist Pete Streit, also a veteran of ZERO HOUR and ABIGAILS GALLOW, split away from ERBEN DER SCHȪPFUNG and, signing to Napalm Records, they would adopt the ELIS name for the album 'God's Silence, Devil's Temptation'. This August 2003 outing was produced by ATROCITY mainman Alex Krull. Drummer Franco Koller opted out in March 2004.

Extensive tour dates in 2004, promoting a new album 'Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky', saw the band hooking up with ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES and BATTLELORE for October gigs throughout Europe and Scandiniavia. A promotional video for the track ''Der letzte Tag' would be filmed in a cave in Ljubljana, Slovenia. ELIS parted ways with drummer René Marxer in February 2005. Touring Europe in April the band partnered with VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. October found the band appearing at the Belgian 'Female Metal Voices III' festival alongside a cast comprising LACUNA COIL, LEAVES' EYES, EPICA, THE LEGION OF HETHERIA, MIDNATTSOL, SKEPTICAL MINDS, MERCURY RAIN, ASRAI, AUTUMN, DILUVIUM and AFTER FOREVER.

ELIS entered Mastersound Studios in December to cut a new album. In early 2006 Sabine Dünser contributed guest vocals on two songs, 'Protect Me' and 'Devil In A Gucci-Dress' included on the debut album of Swiss band STONEMAN. April and May of 2006 found the band touring Europe partnered with LEAVES' EYES.

Tragedy struck the band on July 7th when, during a band rehearsal, Sabine Dünser suffered a cerebral haemorrhage. The singer died the following day.

In mid September the remaining ELIS band members announced the band was to continue with a statement "We have decided to continue on our path. For this reason we are searching for a new singer". The 'Griefshire' album would still feature the vocals laid down by Sabine Dünser.

Sandra Schleret, of SAMAEL, DREAMS OF SANITY and SIEGFRIED repute, was announced as new ELIS vocalist in late December.

A lengthy European tour was conducted during 2007 as support act to a package billing involving TRIOSPHERE, KOTIPELTO and CHRIS CAFFERY.

END OF GREEN singer Michelle Darkness guested on 2008 album recordings. 'Catharsis' was recorded at Mastersound Studio in Germany with Alex Krull once again acting as producer.

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