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Technically minded, Milan based Death Metal band GORY BLISTER made their opening impressions with a brace of demo tapes in 1991 and 1993. The 1999 album 'Art Bleeds' was re-issued in 2003 by French label Sekhmet Records. Two GORY BLISTER members would also feature in the ranks of Thrash - Death act NODE, frontman Daniel Botti and drummer Joe La Viola. Bassist Michele Brustia of THY NATURE is an ex-GORY BLISTER member.

By 2004 GORY BLISTER's line-up comprised vocalist Adry Bellant (Claude De Rosa), guitarist Raff, bassist Fredrick (replacing Bruce Teah) and drummer Joe La Viola. De Rosa's scene associations included BLASPHEMER, SEPTYCAL GORGE, NEOPHYTE, DARKNESS THY COUNTS, IRA, MODUS DELICTI, NUCLEAR DEVASTATION and ALICE IN DARKLAND.

The band would be requested to donate their cover of '1000 Eyes' to a Chinese DEATH tribute album, 'Unforgotten Past - A Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner', published in October of 2004 by AreaDeath Productions.

GORY BLISTER signed to Holland's Mascot Records in January 2005 for the album 'Skymorphosys', recording at Fear Studios with producer Gabriele Ravaglia.

GORY BLISTER parted ways with vocalist Adry Bellant in January 2007 A replacement frontman was swiftly found in the shape of Clode, formerly of SUMMONER and HATEFILES. The group flanked Finnish band AMORAL on Italian shows in February.

'Graveyard Of Angels' was released on 6th April 2009 via Mascot Records.

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