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German outfit TYRAN PACE is noted as a starting block for the careers of vocalist Ralph Scheepers and drummer Edgar Patrick. Scheepers pre-TYRAN PACE band was called BEAST OF PREY. The singer would guest as backing vocalist on the debut SCANNER album 'Hypertrace'. Whilst Scheepers went on to some degree of fame and fortune fronting GAMMA RAY and PRIMAL FEAR, Patrick (real name Edgar Witzemann) enjoyed stints with SINNER and BONFIRE and also played on PAUL SAMSON's 'Joint Forces' album. Patrick had been replaced by Andy Fallscheer by the time the 'Watching You' album was recorded.

TYRAN PACE had actually parted company with guitarists Michael D. Young and Frank Mittelbach fairly early on after the 'Eye To Eye' album was released in 1984, the remaining members choosing to merely add a single guitarist, Callo Rapallo, in place of the departed duo. HELLOWEEN guitarist Kai Hansen took note of the band offering Scheepers the position of vocalist with HELLOWEEN. For the time being the frontman declined the offer. Rapallo himself was replaced by Davor Sertic, later to turn up in KASHMYR, for the 'Watching You' album.

The band performed a notable concert on September 14th 1985, appearing at the 'Metal Hammer Fest' in Loreley, Germany sharing a diverse billing with NAZARETH, VENOM, HEAVY PETTIN, WISHBONE ASH, SAVAGE GRACE, RUNNING WILD, METALLICA, PRETTY MAIDS and WARLOCK.

TYRAN PACE dissolved when Hansen once more tried to entice Scheepers away, this time to his post HELLOWEEN act GAMMA RAY. Scheepers departed and TYRAN PACE floundered. Another TYRAN PACE vocalist Andi Mersch would join Metal band LANZER in 1992.

TYRAN PACE returned in the late 90's with Michael Dees taking the role of frontman. TYRAN PACE members guitarist Fabian Schwarz and keyboard player Alex Schmidt would both figure as part of the STORMWITCH recording line up for their 2002 album 'Dance With The Witches'. Prior to hooking up with STORMWITCH Schwarz had released a 2001 project album credited to RITUAL SPIRIT.

TYRAN PACE guitarist Oliver Kaufmann returned in 2004 as part of the Thrash Metal band RUNAMOK led by Fabian Schwarz of STORMWITCH and FALLEN 2 PIECES repute. That same year TYRAN PACE members Ralf Schulz and Oli Kaufmann co-authored the track 'Sacred Illusion' included on PRIMAL FEAR's 'Devil's Ground' album. TYRAN PACE, comprising Ralf Scheepers, Oli Kaufmann, Frank Mittelbach, Andy Ahues and Ralf Schulz, reunited for a concert at the PRIMAL FEAR headlined 4th March 2005 'Rock For One World' event in Esslingen.

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