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DARK SUNS is a Kemberg based Progressive Death Metal act founded upon the demise of local metal bands CARNIVAL OF SOULS and REQUIEM during 1997. The initial formation counted vocalist / drummer Niko Knappe of CARNIVAL OF SOULS, TOTHAMON and BLACK MARIA alongside REQUIEM, BOOR and FAUSTRECHT man Tobias Gommlich on guitar. The following year the band was brought up to a full compliment with the addition of guitarist Maik Knappe, a veteran of BLACK MARIA, CARNIVAL OF SOULS and SEVENTH LANE with bassist Oliver Fricke and keyboard player Thomas Bremer, both from WYCART.

A 1998 demo 'Below Dark Illusion' preceded a series of line up changes. In 2000 SHADES OF SORROW man Michael Beck took over on bass guitar but the following year his position was usurped by another WYCART member Christoph Bormann. signature to Voice Of Life Records for the distribution of a 2002 debut album 'Swanlike'. Gommlich bowed out in 2003, his role being delegated to IMMACONCEPT's Torsten Wenzel.

DARK SUNS signed to Prophecy Productions for the early 2005 album 'Existence'. The band acted as support to Sweden's PAIN OF SALVATION European tour dates.

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