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GERMANY, Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg

Date Formed 2003

Categories: Gothic Metal


A high profile union of two of the European Gothic Rock scenes most prominent players. July 2003 bore witness to some high Rock n' Roll wedding bells as THEATRE OF TRAGEDY vocalist Liv Kristine Espenæs married ATROCITY's Alexander Krull. This marital union spilled over into a creative force with the announcement of a brand new band LEAVES' EYES, seeing Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull and Alexander Krull founding a fresh venture with members of ATROCITY. Just days after this announcement it was learned that Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull had in fact quit THEATRE OF TRAGEDY. In the midst of recording the debut LEAVES' EYES album on 18th December, in fact just a few hours after cutting vocal tracks for the song 'Lovelorn', Kristine gave birth to a healthy son Leon Alexander.

In outside activities Kristine would be cast as "Klepsydra" on the Daniele Liverani GENIUS 2004 Rock Opera conceptual album 'In Search of The Little Prince'. She would also feature as guest artist on Italian Black Metal band HORTUS ANIMAE's cover version of DEAD CAN DANCE's 'Summoning Of The Muse' for a tribute album 'The Lotuseaters' released by Black Lotus Records. Both Kristine and Krull also featured on the March 2004 IMMORTAL RITES album 'Art Of Devolution' as guests. Kristine made a further, high profile, guest showing on the title track for CRADLE OF FILTH's 'Nymphetamine' opus. Meantime LEAVES' EYES marked their opening burst of live activity with a debut show on 28th May at the 'Wave Gotik Treffen' festival in Leipzig, Germany.

In September LIV KRISTINE signed a new solo deal with Roadrunner Records. The following month she would act as guest vocalist for veteran German Gothic act UMBRA ET IMAGO, appearing on a re-recording of the track 'Ein Letztes Mal'. The group would be engaged in a search for a new drummer in early October when Martin Schmidt announced his intention to leave. New man would be Austrian Moritz Neuner, a scene veteran with a prolific tally of credits ranging across the extreme Metal spectrum with acts such as ANGRY ANGELS, SIEGFRIED, DORNENREICH, ANGIZIA, NECROLOGY, ABIGOR, KOROVA, KOROVAKILL, DARKWELL, Germany's ATROCITY and Italy's EVENFALL and GRAVEWORM. Extensive tour dates saw the band hooking up with ATROCITY, BATTLELORE and ELIS for October gigs throughout Europe and Scandiniavia, upfront of a further mainland trek in November allied once again with ATROCITY, BATTLELORE and Norwegians SIRENIA.

A 2005 album, due in May through Napalm Records, would be given a title of 'Vinland Saga'. A preceding single, 'Elegy', entered the German charts at number 76 with the album bowing in at number 62. LIV KRISTINE announced a second solo opus, 'Enter My Religion', for 2005 release.

October found the band appearing at the Belgian 'Female Metal Voices III' festival alongside a cast comprising LACUNA COIL, THE LEGION OF HETHERIA, EPICA, ELIS, MIDNATTSOL, SKEPTICAL MINDS, MERCURY RAIN, ASRAI, AUTUMN, DILUVIUM and AFTER FOREVER. That same month the band joined the US road partnership dubbed the 'International Extreme Music Festival' in collaboration with GOD DETHRONED, BYZANTINE, NIGHTRAGE, EPOCH OF UNLIGHT, HELL WITHIN, ATROCITY and LILITU. In December LEAVES' EYES toured Germany as support to SUBWAY TO SALLY.

April and May of 2006 found the band touring Europe partnered with ELIS. That same year Kristine duetted with Marco Hietala of NIGHTWISH on the song 'Day For Ghosts' featured on DELAIN's debut 'Lucidity' album, the project of ex-WITHIN TEMPTATION keyboard player Martijn Westerholt.

US touring throughout November and December found LEAVES' EYES supporting BLIND GUARDIAN. On November 18th the band appeared at the Monterrey Metal Fest event at the at the Coca Cola Auditorium in Mexico alongside BLIND GUARDIAN, CATHEDRAL, U.D.O., EDGUY, OBITUARY, DEICIDE, BLUDGEON, SADUS, VAINGLORY, HYDROGYN and JOE STUMP'S REIGN OF TERROR. The group continued to prioritise North America by announcing an August 2007 support tour of the USA to KAMELOT.

For LEAVES' EYES' appearance at the German 'Wacken Open Air' festival, held in August 2008, the group was joined on drums by Alex Holzwarth of RHAPSODY OF FIRE and SIEGES EVEN. In October LEAVES' EYES enrolled Los Angeles-based drummer Chris "Seven" Antonopoulos, from REVOLTING COCKS and OPIATE FOR THE MASSES.

The 'Njord' album was issued through Napalm Records in August 2009. A limited edition version, restricted to just 500 copies, came complete with a 31.5 cm long Viking longboat model with the band's logo imprinted on the sail. A follow up EP, 'My Destiny', was released in the USA on 22nd September. Thise set featured an acoustic version of 'Scarborough Fair' and a non-album exclusive song, 'Nine Wave Maidens'. A promotional video for the title track was directed by Patric Ullaeus.

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