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Date Formed 1987

Categories: Melodic Rock


A London based Rock band led by guitarist Myke Gray, a man who has often been regarded by many as an immense guitar talent, JAGGED EDGE received a sustained and major promotional push but ultimately stalled. JAGGED EDGE first came together in 1987 masterminded by Gray after his split from DORIAN GRAY This former band featured bassist Kev Riddles of ANGEL WITCH and TYTAN repute together with ex-PRAYING MANTIS, SCORCHED EARTH, GRAND PRIX and DIRTY TRICKS drummer Andy Bierne.

The first line-up of JAGGED EDGE comprised of bassist Billy Kulke, female vocalist D.D., keyboard player Alan Nelson and drummer Gary Murrel. The group recorded its debut demo, which was a two track affair with 'Star' and 'Be The One', to heady praise. JAGGED EDGE subsequently gigged the London club circuit, during which time Murrel left, before they recorded a further demo, which was produced by erstwhile WHITESNAKE bassist Neil Murray

In mid 1987, both D.D. and Nelson quit. Murrel too was eventually replaced by drummer Rod Quinn. Ex-BRONZ and BLUEPRINT vocalist Ian Baker vocalist put in a fleeting appearance at this time. The group eventually settled on a reasonably stable roster that included Gray, Kulke, former CHINATOWN, PERSIAN RISK and BRONZ drummer Steve Hopgood with ex-BABY TUCKOO and ACCEPT vocalist Rob Armitage.

JAGGED EDGE toured with OZZY OSBOURNE in Britain during June and July of 1988. However, Armitage, Kulke and Hopgood quit to form the short-lived PASSION adding bassist Gavin Cooper and ex-IDOL RICH guitarists Tim Jones and Nick Burr. Although PASSION succeeded in securing a weighty management deal with Tasco lighting company director Joe Brown they failed to make an impression. Hopgood, Burr and Cooper would later join KILLERS.

Gray retained the JAGGED EDGE name and linked up with Sanctuary management, home of IRON MAIDEN and W.A.S.P., a liaison that resulted in a deal with Polydor Records in 1989. Gray recruited Italian drummer Fabio Del Rio, ex-TOKYO BLADE bassist Andy Robbins and Swedish vocalist Matti Alfonzetti, previously a member of the BAM BAM BOYS and a WASA EXPRESS reunion to the group. Soon after the first JAGGED EDGE release in the form of a mini album entitled 'Trouble' arrived.

The band's first, full length album, 'Fuel For Your Soul', produced by Jeff Glixman, found JAGGED EDGE grafting as support to visiting acts such as DAN REED NETWORK, THUNDER and VIXEN. A European support slot with then IRON MAIDEN vocalist BRUCE DICKINSON's solo band also ensued in 1990 before JAGGED EDGE undertook a headlining British club tour later the same year with support from HEARTLAND. Despite the high profile shows and the hard work from Gray, Polydor dropped the band and Alfonzetti left to be followed by Del Rio. Despite a massive promotion push and hard touring JAGGED EDGE were ultimately let down.

Without a record deal Gray opted to split the band. After a brief flirtation with UFO in 1990 and abortive relaunchs of JAGGED EDGE under various guises including PHOENIX, BAD FOR GOOD, TASTE and OBSESSION (under which guise the band supported KISS OF THE GYPSY on a British tour), surfaced in the more successful SKIN.

1998 found Alfonzetti fronting the pop AOR act BOXER for an eponymous album. In 2000 the singer, now touting a band project titled naturally enough ALFONZETTI, would re-record a version of JAGGED EDGE's 'Out In The Cold' for his 'Ready' debut album. The singer gained national acclaim in Sweden during February 2006 with spoof Rock band THE POODLES. This band won one of the four qualifying rounds in Sweden's competition to find an entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest with their '80s styled track 'Night Of Passion', a track co-written by Alfonzetti. THE POODLES in fact comprised a cast of seasoned veterans and involved vocalist Jakob Samuel, of THE RING, TALISMAN and JEKYLL & HYDE, guitarist PONTUS NORGREN, from GREAT KING RAT, DAMAGE DONE, THE RING and TALISMAN, the STEAMROLLER and LION'S SHARE credited bassist Pontus Egberg and drummer Christian Lundqvist.

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