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UNITED KINGDOM, Leamington Spa

Date Formed 1979

Categories: Hard Rock, Melodic Rock



A slick quintet from Leamington Spa, CHEVY paraded a distinctively American tinged Radio Rock style whilst the NWoBHM raged around them. The group was borne out of 60s Pop band CUPID'S INSPIRATION, vocalist Martin Cure joining that band after their 1968 number 2 British hit 'Yesterday's Gone'. Four CUPID'S INSPIRATION members, Cure, guitarist Paul Shanahan, bassist Bob Poole and drummer Andy Chaplin, teamed up with former HANDS OFF guitarist Steve Walwyn to create CHEVY.

Founded in 1979, this is not the same CHEVY that released the obscure 'Out On The Street' single the same year, even though for many years some publications led everyone to believe it was. Although the group supported HAWKWIND and ALVIN LEE in 1980 and contributed the track 'Chevy' to the EMI compilation album 'Metal For Muthas Volume II', CHEVY are best known for releasing a number of well received singles, and, of course, 'The Taker' album. However, they were always stalled by problems with their record company and line up changes.

In September 1981 both Steve Walwyn and Andy Chaplin quit, to be replaced by guitarist Barry Eardley and drummer Ted Duggan. A projected second album was recorded, but the tapes were never finished and the band split.

In 1987 Poole, Cure, Walywn, Shanahan and Duggan re-emerged to form RED ON RED with ex-BADFINGER guitarist Bob Jackson and keyboard player Mark Stead. Barry Eardley, on the other hand, was in the process of resurrecting ATOMIC ROOSTER before main-man Vincent Crane's death in 1989.

Whereas Walywn went on to become a member of perennial R&B rockers DR. FEELGOOD, Chaplin joined the DT'S and later THE RAZORS and Jackson before joining the cabaret circuit with THE FORTUNES. Martin Cure would fronts his own band, THE ROGUES. In 2004 CHEVY members Baz Eardley and Ted Duggan forged a new Rock act billed IRON HORSE in union with Wardy of HURRICANE, MADAM X, SHAME, SHY and OLIVER/DAWSON SAXON repute along with guitarist Alan Nyland of HANDSOME BEASTS and bassist Toby Pelham of V8.

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