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Date Formed 1992

Categories: Gothic Metal


CHARON began life as a brutal Death Metal band during 1992 debuting with the 1993 tape 'Inexorable Reciprocation'. Guitarist Pasi Sipila is an ex-member of THE TROGLODYTES and THE DEEPSPACE SEXCHARGE. Further cassettes 'Dies Irae' in 1994 and 'Pilgrimage' in 1995 ensued before CHARON added lead vocalist Juha-Pekka Leppäloutu. By 1997 CHARON were signed to the Emanzipation label for release of the debut 'Sorrowburn' album. A label switch to the Danish Die Hard concern would result in the 1999 sophomore effort 'Tearstained'. During 2000 CHARON toured Finland as openers to SENTENCED and scored a new deal with the larger Spinefarm label.

CHARON's December 2001 single 'Little Angel', from the album 'Downhearted', scored massively in their homeland, debuting as the highest new entry in the singles charts at number 6. It would rise to number 5 the following week.

Side projects saw guitarist Jasse von Hast operating the uncompromisingly raw Death Metal project WOLFHEART. The WOLFHEART album 'Cold Breath' includes Antti Karihtala as session drummer. Meantime, CHARON frontman Juha-Pekka Leppäloutu was active with POISONBLACK (formerly SHADOWLANDS), also noteworthy for the inclusion of SENTENCED vocalist Ville Laihiala on guitar. POISONBLACK signed to the German Century Media label for release of the March 2003 debut 'Escapexstacy'.

The CHARON single 'In Trust Of No One', preceding the album 'The Dying Daylights' (originally entitled 'Dead Man Walking') which arrived in September, would silence many doubters, landing at no. 1 in the Finnish singles charts upon its first week of release. Marco Hietala of TAROT, NIGHTWISH and SINERGY added his touch on backing vocals for the album. Digipack versions of 'Dead Man Walking' added two extra songs in 'Built For My Ghosts' and 'Re-collected'. A second single lifted from the record, 'Religious/Delicious' issued in August, included the exclusive track 'The King Is Dead'. Guitarist Jasse Von Hast exited in November, founding WIHASTAN, and being superseded by the FOR MY PAIN credited Lauri Tuohimaa.

Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto would be announced as stand in singer for AMORPHIS North American dates in October of 2004. CHARON entered Finnvox Studios in Helsinki on 14th February 2005 with producer Mikko Karmila to craft a new album. The resulting 'Songs For The Sinners' debuted on Finland's national album chart at no. 6 in September.

CHARON performed Spanish gigs in February 2007.

Guitarist Lauri Tuohimaa was hospitalized over Christmas 2008 due to a blood clot. As a result, he was unable to travel could not take part in the band's New Year's Eve show at Club Relax in Moscow, Russia.

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