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Mikkeli based Melodic Rock band NAILDOWN started life billed as ACID UNIVERSE, founded in November 2003 and issuing the demo '200 BPM 'Til Dead' in 2004 under this formative brand. The following year the band evolved into NAILDOWN in 2005. Signing to the Spinefarm label the group re-debuted with the EP 'Eyes Wide Open' that March, this set closing with a cover version of the RAMONES 'Pet Sematary'. The album 'World Domination' duly followed.

NAILDOWN frontman Daniel Freyberg has history with SOURCE OF DEMISE. Bassist Matti Hämälainen is also operational with MATERIAL BLAST, keyboard player Jarmo Puikkonen is ex-CALEDONIAN whilst guitarist Asko Sartanen has association with both CODEON and IMPERANON. Drummer Harri Heikkinen was replaced by Janne Jukarainen, a scene adept citing credentials with BEEZEBUB, GAURITHOTH, GRAYSCALE, HANGING GARDEN, SHAMRAIN and SOURCE OF DEMISE.

NAILDOWN entered Sound Supreme studio to begin recording its second album, 'Dreamcrusher', in September 2006.

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