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These three Canadian Doomsters out of Pembroke, Ontario formed GOAT HORN in late 1999, initially as a JUDAS PRIEST and CATHEDRAL covers band. As long time friends songs were quickly written and gigs were played around the Ottawa Valley before drummer Steelrider moved to Toronto. During the absence of Steelrider, Wars and Decay put together a 5 song demo in Wars' basement, later sent to Steelrider to sample.

In February of 2001 the band journeyed to Toronto to record the 'Voyage To Nowhere' album. All the tracks had to be blasted out in one day due to GOAT HORN being in a studio they could barely afford. As of September 2001, the entire band relocated to Toronto to promote the band and album.

A sophomore album effort, 'Storming The Gates', followed in June 2003. Although widely praised in the underground Metal community this outing was restricted to just 1000 copies. On the live front, the band entertained crowds by including a cover of GRIM REAPER's 'See You In Hell' in their set. With a buzz still building, GOAT HORN re-issued the record in mid 2004, complete with all new artwork.

The 2005 EP 'Threatening Force' would be limited to 1000 copies. Touring to promote the EP in September witnessed the "Right Fucked Rite Off Across Canada 2005". An announcement in June 2006 closed proceedings for the band, "Brandon Wars and Jason Decay will no longer carry on as GOAT HORN". Decay and drummer Al Biddle subsequently pursued CAULDRON.

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