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CANADA, Ontario, Toronto

Date Formed 1984
Date Disbanded 1986

Categories: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal


Superb slice of crunching Canadian Heavy Metal with a confused history. The band, centred upon erstwhile Z singer Frank Zirone, was assembled in the studio by producer and guitarist Stacy Heydon, a musician holding studio credentials with both IGGY POP and DAVID BOWIE. HANOVER FIST was founded by Zirone working with guitarist George Bernhardt and ZERO ONE drummer Gord Paton. However, Heydon assembled an all new look unit for the album, recorded in September of 1984, comprising ex-WRABIT men guitarist David Aplin and bassist Chris Brockway with erstwhile ZON and MOXY drummer Kim Hunt. Also involved in the studio sessions would be LEE AARON band guitarist Bert Bartoletti and NEW REGIME keyboard player Jim Macdonald. Backing vocals came courtesy of URGENT's Doug Baynham. Ex-MOXY drummer Danny Bilan also contributed to most of the songs too but only his work on 'Fear No Evil' would be used.

Although recorded in Toronto the debut would be mixed at the PETE TOWNSEND owned Eel Pie Studio in Surrey, England. Even before the record was released the band had created a buzz as no less a figure than Eddie Van Halen had chosen the track 'Metal Of The Night' for use in the movie soundtrack 'The Wild Life'.

MCA Records issued the debut album twice with revised track listing and different titles as HANOVER FIST became HANOVER. The 1985 re-release saw the addition of the BRYAN ADAMS track 'Fits Ya Good' but omitted 'Don't Let It Stop' and 'Should Be Rockin'. This version, clad in completely different sleeve artwork featuring an industrial scene, was mistakenly manufactured in Europe.

For live work the band involved Zirone, Dave Aplin and George Bernhardt on guitars, bassist Chris Brockway and drummer Kim Hunt. However, with no live work on offer the band fractured, Brockway and Hunt subsequently joined LEE AARON for her 1986 album 'Call Of The Wild' whilst Aplin enrolled into the ranks of KID WICKED. Zirone re-assembled the band for tour work commencing in February of 1986, pulling in a rhythm section of bassist Warren Toll and New Yorker MIKE TERRANA, previously with Buffalo's ZILLION, on the drums. As support to SAXON the band covered both Canada and the Midwest of North America.

Oddly, HANOVER FIST broke up soon after these dates. Zirone was approached to join KROKUS but this union never materialised. Bernhardt later worked with GREGG BISSONETTE on his eponymous solo album and appears on JEFF SCOTT SOTO's '1995 solo effort 'Love Parade'. Both George Bernhardt and Mike Terrana would make an impression with BEAU NASTY. Terrana later carved himself a reputation with the likes of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ARTENSION and German acts METALIUM, AXEL RUDI PELL and RAGE. He would also cut a solo album in 2004 entitled 'Man Of The World'. Mike Terrana joined the ranks of MASTERPLAN in October.

Not to be confused with the two American HANOVER FIST's from Indiana and North Carolina.

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