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Pedigree yet quirky Pop-Punk Garage Rockers SPIDERBAIT, created in 1989, hail from the small New South Wales hamlet of Finley. So rural was this location that the three schoolfriends - vocalist / guitarist Damian 'Whitt' Whitty, his second cousin drummer Mark 'Kram' Maher and bassist / vocalist Janet English - rehearsed in cow sheds and barns.

Pursuing their Rock n' Roll dream the trio, soon dispensing with a formative title of CANDY SPUDS, relocated to Melbourne. Local gigging led to a deal with Au Go Go Records for the inaugural February 1991 single 'Circle K'. Following up would be the EP 'Tang Yang Kipper Bang Uh' and the 1993 album 'ShaSha VaGlava', rumoured to be Yugoslavian for "Dick head". In keeping with their eccentric style SPIDERBAIT's October 1993 single 'Run' would be written by famed ornothologist and 'Goodies' comedian Bill Oddie.

SPIDERBAIT would then be drawn into the clutches of Polydor / Universal Records for the ensuing 'The Unfinished Spanish Galleon Of Finley Lake'. Taking a typically left of centre slant to an old staple the band donated their rendition of AC/DC's 'Rocker' to the 1995 tribute album 'Fusebox - The Alternative AC/DC Tribute Album' A prodigious output then saw the release of 1996's 'Ivy And The Big Apples', 1999's 'Grand Slam' and 'The Flight Of Wally Funk'.

SPIDERBAIT, promoting the 'Tonight Alright' album, scored a major hit in Australia during the Spring of 2004 with their cover of the eighty year old Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter track 'Black Betty' most popularly known for the 1977 RAM JAM version.

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